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FCA Group Rides

One of the Best Group Rides in the Atlanta Area

Fellowship of Christian Athletes – Team Endurance South Metro Atlanta

Group Rides Begin March 14th - Last Until October 31st

Mondays – 6 p.m. – 27 mile route

(Modified no drop ride – at lights and stop signs, if in sight, group will wait)
(Cue Sheets available if needed – request in advance)

Gold Group - Typically 21 - 23 mph average
Maroon Group – Typically 18 -20 mph average

Wednesdays – 6 p.m. – 27 mile route

(“Give it what you got” ride)

Gold Group - Typically 24ish mph average
Maroon Group – Typically 18-20 mph average



For more information about FCA and/or Group Rides:

Mike Roby / mroby@allstate.com / 770-713-9903

Brenda Herrington / brenda@usplanning.com / 678-313-9786

After this weekend, I’ve walked away with the perspective to make sharing my faith so natural, that it is not just intentional but practically instinctive.

More info about the rides

1. Monday/Wednesday rides will take place from the Trek Store-McDonough. 6pm.

2. These rides are set up to be training rides. Averages will be 22+ mph.
-Second group will form to ride at averages of 18-20 mph. Ride leader for this group will identify themselves before the ride.

3. Monday rides will be a “modified” no drop ride. We stop at all stop signs and red lights. If a rider(s) is within eye-sight of the group than the group will wait on the rider(s) back.

4. Wednesday rides will be an “all out” ride after the stop sign at the top of hillview road.
-We will begin all Wednesday rides with a prayer at 5:55pm. If you have a specific prayer request please see someone in a FCA Endurance jersey.

5. There will be NO abusive or foul language on the ride. If you have an issue with someone take it up after the ride is over.

6. The Trek store will have course maps available inside the store.

7. Helmets are REQUIRED by all riders!

8. Triathlon/Time Trial bikes are welcome……just make sure you know how to ride one!

8. Our hope is that these rides will be fun and challenging. We are simply a group of athletes that strive to have fun…ride hard…and enjoy each other’s company.



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